by Laurie Pitcher

    I spent the better part of Sunday just opening and closing the 30 windows in my house. Either it was raining or there was a damp wind, or the fog was rolling in, or it was raining again, or the fog came back, or the breeze was so damp everything was getting soggy. I couldn’t decide if they should be open or if they should be closed. Either way, it was a struggle as the windows are wood and old and they stick in the humidity. The only dry place in the house was inside the dryer.

I am happily seeing Eastport come to life this summer with the addition of a few new shops, one being “A Grape Pair,” the new wine boutique located at 509 Montauk Highway.

A Grape Pair was founded in 2008 by Krystle Harb and James Borruso. The idea for the shop came about during Krystle’s and Jim’s extensive overseas travel when they discovered many small vintners producing great wines. They decided to take their passion further and agreed to bring their knowledge and love of wine home with them and share it with others.

They came up with the name after a few glasses of wine—taste-testing, I’m sure! It is a play on the words “a great pair” and, thus, the name was born. It is fitting since these two do make a great pair! They wanted to make buying wine as fun as drinking it and had a vision to create a unique place for a wine lover to shop.

The store carries hand-selected artisanal wines from around the world and at all price points. They have a wide selection of organic and biodynamic-certified wines and they offer daily wine tastings to all customers! Jim and Krystle are very knowledgeable about the wines that they carry and are experts at pairing different foods with the right wine to compliment a dish.

You really need to stop by and welcome them to the neighborhood. They did a beautiful job renovating the shop, which makes it a wonderful addition to our town. Store hours are Mon- Thurs 12 noon to 7:30 pm  , Friday 12 noon -8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 12 noon-7pm

Call 801-2790 or e-mail them at